How To Choose The Best Color For a Restaurant

How To Choose The Best Color For a Restaurant

The colors that are incorporated into a restaurant design will influence a customer’s emotions that will determine their menu selection, length of stay, size of the check and how often the return feed that emotional desire.

By incorporating the optimum color combination, restaurant owners can achieve the desired ambiance and improve restaurant profitability.

To demonstrate how color influences our perception of taste, let’s experiment by following these steps;

  • Get a table.
  • Get glass bowls.
  • Fill each bowl with a food of some sort.

This experiment has been done with all sorts of foods. For this experiment, let’s fill the bowls with unflavored gelatin, basically colorless one. Now, add food coloring to each of the bowls. The food coloring must be odorless and flavorless. Sometimes in this experiment, they confirm this with blind taste tests. Basically, you blindfold people, have them taste each of the gelatin and see if they can detect any flavor difference. When we do this, we confirm that they can’t.

Now for the color experiment, we allow our tasters to see all the bowls of jell-o to take a taste of each of them and then describe what they taste. Very consistently across age groups, when people taste the jell-o with colors, they describe each one with different taste. What we need to realize is that, we taste with our eyes long before we taste with our mouths. Color is a powerful visual queue that tells our brain what food tastes like.

Now, to choose the best colors for your restaurant, consider these tips;

Learn The Psychology Of Colors

When it comes to eating, researchers have proven that the right color can sway a person’s mood directly towards their next meal. According to the psychology of colors, there are colors that can either increase a person’s appetite or suppress it. Generally, colors are categorized into 5 choices; Light, warm, dark, cool and bright. Light colors can evoke a relaxed ambiance, warm colors create a playful and exciting atmosphere, dark colors promote intimate feeling, cool colors bring elegance in a space and finally the bright colors encourage quick turnovers.

Make Sure The Color Matches Your Theme

You may have certain themes in your mind that you want to implement for your restaurant as well as your target customers. Every theme requires appropriate colors for the walls, floors, chairs and tables. Therefore, before you choose the color for your restaurant, make sure it matches your theme.

Think About The Details

Your wall color doesn’t have to be plain or painted in one color. Once you’ve decided the overall theme you’d like, consider adding accent wall or patterns to make it pop. If you want to incorporate some special paint techniques, it would be best to hire a professional painter. Another way to putting a character on your wall is by adding a unique, high-end wallpaper. Just make sure it is easy to clean and the design fits both the interior and exterior design concept of your restaurant.

Recognizing which colors are suitable for your business is a crucial step to forming the kind of setting you want to create for your customers. We hope the above tips help!

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